Why “reluctant” Web Developer”

I call myself a “reluctant web developer” because I have always been a developer of desktop applications. And I had absolutely no intention of getting involved in web development of any kind. Ever!
But about a year ago, I was approached by a Microsoft MVP, who knew me by sight from various Microsoft events and presentations over the years. It turns out that he knew about my involvement with LightSwitch, and the with LightSwitch community).
So he contacted me on Facebook (which I had also only just started using) and asked me to do some consulting on one of his projects that he wanted to develop using the LightSwitch HTML Client. And it turns out that we both have an interest in crystals, rocks and minerals.
At the time, I had only just (finally) made the switch to C# from VB.NET (once again self-taught), when I suddenly found myself up to my neck in <angle brackets> and {curly braces}, trying to teach myself JavaScript. It was a very steep learning curve!
Anyway, as unlikely as I thought it would ever be, web development has now turned into my full-time occupation. Go figure!

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